Master Bathroom Reveal – My Oasis (Before and After)

Whether you’re making small upgrades, going for a full renovation, or just daydreaming from your desk, a bathroom remodel can make a big difference in the feel of your home.

We bought a complete gut job, literally, it was already GUTTED – ha! It was a blank slate, by way of no floor or walls, so you really had to have some imagination. Thankfully, my head is full of imagination and ideas! Which proved to be a bit challenging because there are SO many options that it can be overwhelming!

As you can see, this needed some serious work. I had a vision right away, a spa-like oasis with a boho worldly vibe (if that is even a thing!).

First, designing the vanity. Double sinks (no brainer) and storage were important. I loved the idea of a center cabinet, it gives more room to put all my products, and adds a symmetry to the space. The cabinets were made by Kitchen Cabinet Distributors in Brooklyn Slate. The seamless aesthetic and slow close drawers/doors are my favorite features, and they just look so darn beautiful!

I chose a matte marble pattern tile for the floors and shower. I like big tile and I cannot lie! Why, you ask? LESS GROUT! There I said it, I have a very strong dislike for grout! Cleaning it is horrible, and I wanted as little as possible. The herringbone pattern for the floor distinguished it from the shower, and it turned out beautifully.

The shower floor was a challenge. I did not want grout on the shower floor (shocking, I know) so I needed a single stone piece. Apparently that is not easy to find, so I searched. And searched. And searched. Finally I found one in stock online with the right dimensions and ordered it right away.

I chose a beautiful handcrafted barn door by Artisan Hardware that really makes a statement. It adds to the charm of the bathroom, but is also a part of our bedroom decor. I went with an unfinished Craftsman Horizontal Door⁠ with Classic Barn Door hardware. The natural wood really pulled from the elements in the bathroom.

Less cleaning makes for a happy mama, so we chose the American Standard VorMax ActiClean Self-Cleaning toilet. You heard me – Self. Cleaning. It is a game changer you guys, and it is so sleek! This is an amazing upgrade to your master bathroom.


Chandelier over the tub is from Knock on Wood Creations on Etsy – handmade in Georgia! Sal is an amazing artist and you put together the shade yourself (a fun task my kids helped with). Best part? The fresh wood smell!

Freestanding tub faucet can be found here – it fills the tub quickly and I love the look.

Tub caddy is from Etsy, and it is one of my favorite things in the bathroom! Golden Creazione makes a beautiful and versatile product, get yourself one and thank me later!

Bath mat is from At Home, although I am not even sure if it is a bath mat or a rug (it works and I love it).

Curtains are Cotton Crinkle Voile curtains from World Market in white.

I made the curtain rod from a 6 foot dowel rod and two corbels (found at your local hardware store) – I will be making a blog post on how to make them!

I love the way our hammered nickel sinks turned out. I really wanted something other than a plain white sink, and they delivered! Find them here.

Modern hand towel holders in stainless steel can be found here. Three tier towel rack can be found here – most dual towel racks were too close to each other and the towels never dried, so three did the trick! Though down the road I might get a heated towel rack 🙂

Shower head is Delta Faucet Linden 17 Series Dual-Function – it provides decent pressure (if you prefer stronger you can remove the restrictor cap after watching a YouTube video). We actually got a shower head holder here and use them on two walls so it is like we have two shower heads!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Create a space that makes YOU happy!

23 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Reveal – My Oasis (Before and After)

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  1. Okay the window by itself is beautiful! Plus all the hard work you put into the transformation – amazing!! I’m also obsessed with the marble floor, l love everything marble it has such a clean modern look!


  2. oh my world ! r this is truly a one fantastic transformation ! love the sedign and how light and airy it feels . Kind regards pati robins at style squeeze blog


  3. That is such a tranquil bathroom. I can see myself taking a long soak in a bathroom like that. Just beautiful.


  4. How beautiful! If my bathroom was like that, I’d be spending lots and lots of pampering time in there. Love that barn door, and the tub too!


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