Azores with Kids: A Volcanic Island Oasis

São Miguel, the biggest and most populated island in Portugal’s Azores archipelago (and the one that welcomes low-cost International flights from the US) is a bucket list destination for all travelers. People who travel to Azores are people who appreciate nature at its most jurassic and surreal. The islands are still virtually untouched by commercialism,... Continue Reading →

Lisbon & Sintra : A Real Life Fairy-Tale

Ah Lisbon, your charm is unlike any other European city. Lisbon is a beautiful city. It is filled with history, culture, food, and gorgeous views. Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest capitals too, second only to Athens. And hidden within these streets are friendly faces welcoming children to their city. I heard many people say this... Continue Reading →

Madeira, a Family Bucket List Destination

There is no doubt that Portugal’s best kept secrets are its stunning islands. Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, is an archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. It's one of Europe's most beautiful travel destinations with year-round sun, lava pools, friendly locals and breathtaking scenery. During the summer months, you can find direct flights to Madeira... Continue Reading →

Bergen Norway: A Guide to Exploring with Kids

Surrounded by seven mountains and overlooking the sea, Bergen is majestic. It comes as no surprise this storybook village was reportedly the inspiration for Anna and Elsa's home kingdom of Arendelle (you know, the Disney movie Frozen!). The city itself is very walkable, and the public transportation is easy to navigate. Bergen is a gateway to the... Continue Reading →

4 Days in Stockholm with Little Ones

Ah Stockholm, truly the most child-friendly city we have ever visited. We quickly developed a love affair with this city, from the beautiful views to the endless activities available for families, we day-dreamed about moving here. There is an abundance of children's attractions and museums with activities and exhibits. Distances are short and the public transportation... Continue Reading →

Dublin with Littles

Dublin lures you in with it's rich history and friendly people.  It has been named Europe's friendliest city twice by TripAdvisor, and it's not hard to see why. Our family felt very welcome here, making it hard to leave.  With beautiful buildings and pubs on every corner, this was our kind of place. We spent... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Family Vacation

It's hard not to have fun on a trip to Amsterdam - and our kids would wholeheartedly agree.  With parks on every corner and kid-friendly restaurants, we highly recommend a family getaway here! This city is loaded with character - with an elaborate canal system, world class museums, ridiculous amount of bicycles, laid-back bars and... Continue Reading →

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