Stress-Free Orlando Family Vacation

Yes - it IS possible!  Orlando, the hub of family fun, can be done without wanting a vacation from your vacation. The warm weather, theme parks, and resorts are a natural draw for families, but many people overbook their days and have high expectations of their soon to be overstimulated children. In addition to Disney... Continue Reading →

Roanoke, VA

There are town's that claim to have something for everyone - and Roanoke is definitely one of those! This town is nestled in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and has the outdoorsy side, outstanding food, museums, and a downtown that does not disappoint. The most visible attraction is the Roanoke Star.  Standing at 100 feet tall,... Continue Reading →

Puerto Rico

Post Hurricane Maria, now is a great time to visit Puerto Rico, experiencing firsthand the remarkable effort put into rebuilding and restoring its beauty. It is a territory of the United States so you do not need a passport (if visiting from the US) and they use the US dollar - a great choice for... Continue Reading →

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