Best Sleep Gear for a Traveling Baby


Whether you are snuggled at home or away on a grand adventure, sleep is essential.  I say this because I get so little – so I KNOW how precious it really is to us parents!

At home we keep a “loose” schedule – play, bath, books, bed – but we are not terribly strict about it. That being said, we do try out best to replicate the environment in which our children sleep. Below I have listed the baby gear we bring with us to help our littles snooze comfortably.

1. White Noise Machine

My little ones could sleep through a freight train passing, but wake up if I roll to my side. A white noise machine is critical while at home, and even more so when traveling (blocking out loud hotel or street noise). Our favorite is the HoMedics Sound Spa – its small and light weight which is perfect for travel.


2.  Travel Bed

Whether it be a travel crib or bed, if your kiddos sleep in the same place they will be at ease. We cosleep with our little ones, so the DockaTot is the perfect solution when traveling (road trips only – we do not bring this on airplanes). It provides a familiar space to sleep in regardless of where we are, and allows them to be right next to me.

Snoozing in her DockaTot wearing an ergoPouch.

3. Sleepsack/Pajamas

It is important to plan sleep wear according to the climate in which you are traveling. Our older daughter loves her insanely soft Oliver and Rain pajamas, while our younger prefers to snuggle in her sleep sack.  We recommend the ergoPouch because it transitions from a sleep sack to sleep suit (perfect for car seats or strollers).

4. Familiar Scent/Security Item

Some little ones have a “lovie” or security item – and if your child has one, bring it!  This is not the case for our little ones, so we put on a night time rub every night. Our girls favorite is Matys All Natural Chest Rub – with Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Chamomile  it is the perfect night time combination.

5. Blackout Items

Our little ones need a dark room to sleep, especially if trying to put them to bed before it is dark. We typically rely on blankets over windows – however we have to get creative in our AirBnb’s sometimes!


What would you add to our sleeping baby gear list?  Anything else that helps you get a good nights sleep when traveling with littles?

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