Best Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts

Whether you are shopping for a jet-setter or camping enthusiast, finding gifts for people who love to travel can be challenging.  We have seen the travel gift guides, and a lot of them are a bit unrealistic (with items over a thousand dollars), or have items we would never have used/wanted.

These travel gift ideas are practical items that your loved one will actually use while our exploring, or in their home to remind them of their wanderlust. We put together a list of items we have, love, and think you will love too!

Gifts for Traveling Adults

On Location Photo Shoot – Gone are the days of asking a stranger to take a half crooked photo of your family when no one is ready. Flytographer to the rescue! Flytographer is a marketplace that connects travellers with local photographers in +300 cities worldwide for fun photo shoots for about an hour. Their community of 500 carefully-chosen photographers not only takes stunning photos, but also shares insider tips on things to eat, see, and do and takes travellers to unique parts of the city they may not discover otherwise.

We had the pleasure of a photo shoot in Iceland and it was the highlight of our trip! Not to mention the beautiful memories captured now hanging on our walls! This is the perfect gift for any avid travler! Use code “WELLTRAVELEDCHILD50 for $50 off shoot bookings or gift cards here!

reykjavik-10-07-2019-family-trip-24_original copy

Personalized Map Mountain Print – Perfect for an adventure couple, this piece of art is one of a kind and will look amazing in any travelers home! Commemorate trips they have taken together in a unique way, and give the gift that will spark fond memories. A Gier Design also donates 10% of proceeds to World Vision, win win! Click here to order.


Personal Travel Gift Box – I am a huge fan of box gifts – where you receive an assortment of surprise goodies! BOX Babe takes all the guesswork out of gift giving. Whether it be for a travel addict, husband, or second cousin – they’ve got you! We loved our travel gift box which had a wanderlust candle, travel journal, cell phone holder, and do something dice!


Sunglasses – A pair of sunglasses is necessary for an avid traveler, and make great gifts. They’re useful, fun, fashionable, and you can’t offend someone by buying the wrong size! Protect your loved ones gorgeous eyes and click here to see some of our favorite pairs.


Portable Charger – We’ve all suffered the sudden horror of a dead phone. But when you add being in a different country or unfamiliar neighborhood, you have a whole new set of issues. Portable chargers are the perfect way to combat this, and we always bring one or two with us on our travels. You can find them online or at any major store. This is the gift a traveler doesn’t realize they need, but are oh so thankful to have!

Pin Map – We love our pin map, and receive compliments on it all the time. Our favorite pin map is from KR Maps on Etsy. They have an amazing product that can be customized, and have incredible customer service!


Gifts for Traveling Children

Scooters – If you haven’t brought scooters on your travels yet – you are missing out! We love our Micro Kickboard scooters – they are expertly designed and ride super smooth. These are the perfect gifts for travel children because it is a fun way to kids to get around instead of walking, and promotes great exercise while working out their fine motor skills!


Sunglasses – Yes – kids need sunglasses too! Our girls love wearing their sunglasses everywhere, they feel very stylish. We got the girls a great pair from the same place we got ours here!


Inflatable Footrest – This is perfect for the child always on the go – whether it be plane, car, or train! Kids can use the pillow to lay flat or straighten their legs on a plane, and in a car they provide support to avoid feet numb caused by the compression from the car seat.

Travel Hanging Tent – Our kids are obsessed with their Go Hangout Hugglepod! Whether at the mountains or beach, and anywhere in between – this easy set up travel hanging tent provides fun on the go. There are LED lights inside that make the kids feel extra special. This is the first thing they ask for whenever we arrive at a new location!


Have something you think she be added to our list? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

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