Puerto Rico

Post Hurricane Maria, now is a great time to visit Puerto Rico, experiencing firsthand the remarkable effort put into rebuilding and restoring its beauty. It is a territory of the United States so you do not need a passport (if visiting from the US) and they use the US dollar - a great choice for... Continue Reading →

Dublin with Littles

Dublin lures you in with it's rich history and friendly people.  It has been named Europe's friendliest city twice by TripAdvisor, and it's not hard to see why. Our family felt very welcome here, making it hard to leave.  With beautiful buildings and pubs on every corner, this was our kind of place. We spent... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Family Vacation

It's hard not to have fun on a trip to Amsterdam - and our kids would wholeheartedly agree.  With parks on every corner and kid-friendly restaurants, we highly recommend a family getaway here! This city is loaded with character - with an elaborate canal system, world class museums, ridiculous amount of bicycles, laid-back bars and... Continue Reading →

London with Kids

London in August was a breath of fresh air compared to the heat we had in North Carolina.  The crisp air, the changing leaves, need I say more?  We spent four nights in London and could have spent several more - we loved this city and there is SO much to do! That being said... Continue Reading →

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